Genesis Wildlife Sanctuary
Welcome to Genesis Wildlife Sanctuary
We are a haven for injured, orphaned and abused animals, dedicated to rescue, rehabilitation, release, and education.

We believe that our only hope for the survival of the wildlife is the teaching of its importance to those who will be their protectors. It is in this spirit that we offer our experience to groups of all ages, but, in particular, the children.

We are available for rescue of injured wildlife 24 hours a day.

Genesis is a non-profit 501(c)(3), tax-exempt facility operating from donations from the public.

We are located on Beech Mountain.

All permanent wild animals at Genesis Wildlife Sanctuary have disabilities that prevent their release back into the wild.

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Board of Directors

  • Leslie Hayhurst - President
  • Yvonne Hardin - Vice-President
  • Eva Jones - Treasurer
  • Susan Halliburton
  • Alan Brister
  • Frankie Steele

Advisory Board

  • Howard Johnson, DVM
  • Sara Miller, PHD Viruses @Duke
  • David Hawkins, PHD Pathology @Duke


  • Leslie Hayhurst - Founder/Director
  • Rhonda Ananea - Wildlife Care Director
  • Tony Ananea - Wildlife Educational Director